One of the home care activities that seems easy to do is caulking.  It looks like anyone can do this. But don’t take it lightly. If you don’t have any special skills, then the results can fall apart. It’s not even uncommon to cause new problems. So, if a part of your house needs to be repaired by caulking, immediately contact the expert.

We are made up of experienced people who are caulking. This service has been around for a long time, so we have experience working in various areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and others. Not only improving, but we can also restore the appearance to be primed again. Benefit from the services provided, such as:

Time Effectiveness

As we mentioned at the beginning, caulking work is something easy, but one can not be careless. Therefore, for those who are not experienced, it takes a considerable amount of time to work on it. Not to mention the results guarantee perfect. Not infrequently in a short time has it been damaged again.

To save time, contact our team to get it done quickly. In addition to being quick, the work is also done in detail. So, you won’t find small parts that still look porous, perforated, or unsightly. Without having to waste time, your room again looks beautiful.


Another thing we noticed in this service is security. This is no less important than the neatness of the work. Because often the repaired area is precisely a vital part of the room. It could be a children’s playground, bathroom, kitchen section to store food, and so on. So, the team will be very attentive to your request.

Our security factors apply in many ways. We are starting from the selection of materials to the process of craft. We make sure during the process of work does not harm anything and anyone. Also, after the work is completed, we make sure that the caulking area can be functioned as usual as before.

Various Work areas

Are you a homeowner, businessman, or someone who works in an office? Everyone can take advantage of our caulking service. We are experienced in working on kitchen areas, bathrooms,  laundry rooms, garages, and other particular areas, such as glass, floor, tile edges, around showers,  concrete, swimming pools, and so on.

In principle, if you find an area that needs caulking, then we will be there to help you, regardless of the location indoors or outdoors. Therefore, we will deploy a professional team because they are the ones who can decide the best service for you.


By caulking,  your room will be back perfectly. However, the actual benefits of caulking are more than that. Caulking can also prevent leakage or water seepage into the area. We only use quality products so that the work can close the flow of water. So you won’t find droplets or streams of water around it.

This advantage can be beneficial if you apply it in the crease or common area, for example, on the roof, split equipment, walls, and many more. Then, we’ll seal that part correctly. Without you noticing, you can save on other repair costs that could arise in case of water seepage in the area.

Special Prices and Discounts

Do you want to save? Use our services! We offer the best prices that can be adjusted to a rational nominal based on the work area. This will be seen from the level of difficulty, how widespread, as well as the location. But, rest assured, instead of doing your own with the risk of further damage, you can save more with us.

For a certain number of jobs, you can get a special price. Remember, this offer is special and does not apply in general. Be our customer. Then we will prepare a special discount for you. Contact our team if you are interested in getting one.

Caulking Work Process

It looks like the caulking job can be done quickly, right? An experienced team indeed does it. In addition, if supported with suitable work equipment also makes the results more perfect. As you describe, here’s how we work when meeting your demands:


We’ll start the job with an assessment. At this stage, the team will assess the area to be worked on. From here, teams can customize what products and equipment they need. If you need confirmation of the length of the completion time, you can ask for it during this assessment. 


Once the team has understood the area of work and you agree to the length of time confirmed, our team will immediately move to complete your request. For a simple job, the team that comes won’t be much. Maybe just one person with enough gear. However, if the area is large enough, workers who arrive more than once and the equipment are counted a lot.


If the work has been done, the team will not simply leave you. However, we would be pleased if you discuss and assess the results of our work. If you’re left behind or not satisfied, you can pass it on to the team. However, with the experience we have passed, we guarantee the work results will be satisfactory.

Benefits of Caulking

At first glance, we have mentioned some of the benefits of caulking above. For more details, here’s why you need to  caulking  in some areas of your home, office, or other room:

  1. Caulking restores the appearance of surfaces that cracks or holes have damaged.
  2. Caulking prevents breakage or water droplets from entering through small holes or cracks (including fine cracks in the walls) not to cause moisture and mould.
  3. Caulking closes the entry gap of insects or other small animals that risk posing a danger to you and the environment.
  4. Caulking helps overcome health problems resulting from the growth of fungi and mosses due to damp surfaces.
  5. Caulking adds value to your room, especially for those who plan to rent or sell it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Assessment is part of the services we provide. That way, you don’t have to add any costs to this. We do it for free.

We choose quality products in terms of finishing, durability, and safety. We understand your concerns. However, trust me, a team of professionals will ensure the area around the work will not be damaged or changed.

When the work is done, the team will evaluate and make sure everything is perfect. That is, we will not leave any other problems for you. If a leak or a more severe condition after work, you can contact our team for follow-up. The team will come and do a survey.

If the dirt attaches insignificantly, we will gladly clean it for you. You don’t have to worry because we don’t charge extra. However, if the attached dirt needs a particular product, we can discuss it further.


$120 / Per Single Shower