Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter Guard Process



Eufouria provides the best professional gutter guard installation service for any type of your roof gutter conditions. We use different types of approaching method to get the best result for your gutter. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.



1. Request a Quote

We will give you a rough quote for your gutter guard protection needs and book an appointment for a free site inspection.

2. Detailed Site Inspection

Eufouria’s team will give a thorough site inspection to collect data so we can decide what method and materials is the best for your property. These data are including type of dirt and debris around the house, material to use, measurement, colour, and approaching methods.

3. Pre Gutter Cleaning

We only install a gutter guard protection on clean gutter. Meaning is we have to make sure there is no dirt inside the gutter, even so we will clean up first. To get the best result we use different methods of gutter cleaning: manual handling, blowing, pressure washing, suction, and combinations of all of them.

4. Mesh Installation

Eufouria’s team will make sure that the site is secure to perform the job. We will install and apply all the safety measure to make sure it is safe to perform the job for you and our team. We will proudly install the protection so not only function to protect the gutter but also bring more aesthetic value to your property.

5. Complete Roof & Gutter Assessment

Instead of just focusing on the appearance of the roof, our professional team will carry out a thorough installation down to the gaps that are not even visible from the ground. Because we take pride of our job. And, in the end of the day will provide you before and after photos as well as a roof & gutter assessment for your record.



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

For the weekends and public holidays appointment we need to make a schedule one week prior the time.

We always offer you the best price for your roof needs and  conditions. Surely, we will give you special discount if you buy other services as well. Such as: driveway cleaning, house washing, window cleaning, etc.

It’s preferable if you have already moved your furniture before we start work. Our team can move small furniture.

Please contact one of our customer service team representatives and share your concerns with them. We will always strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we will do our best to fix the problem.

Yes, the price is including gutter cleaning service.

We give 7 years guarantee for workmanship and 12 years on material.

Our gutter guard installation service does not include window cleaning. However, we will clean up your windows for the splashes or dirt that happens during the work. You can order a custom window cleaning service with our team.

Yes, pre cleaning is an essential. We only install the protection on a clean gutter.


$1195 / HOUSE