Waste Management

waste management

Waste Management

Waste management is a service that is Eufouria’s most popular service. We will help you manage waste in residential and commercial properties, single-family homes, individual subscription services, and homeowner associations. That way, there’s no need to be confused about managing the waste in your property because there are many advantages that you can get with us.

No Need to Bother Sorting Trash

Using our waste management service, you don’t have to bother sorting the waste by type and then dumping it in the landfill. Let our team do just that. Instead, you sit back and order our services through your gadget. Simple, isn’t it?

Automatic Garbage Transport

Our team will transport your trash on time according to your booking. Leave the trash on the roadside in front of your house before going to work. Later, when you have come home from work, our team has automatically transported the garbage.

Provides Various Sizes of Trash Containers

When you have trouble getting rid of oversized garbage because it doesn’t fit in your car, trust our services. We have containers of various sizes so that we can transport your trash regardless of size.

More Cost-Effective

With prices starting from $150, you can already get waste management services from Eufouria. This is even more cost-effective than having to sort first and then take your trash to the landfill every day.

Serving Waste Management on Various Properties

If you think this waste management service is just for the whole housing, you’re wrong. This service can be used by various properties that you own or manage, whether you want to subscribe individually or just with a few colleagues.

How is the Waste Management by Eufouria?

  • First, you can order this waste management service through the contact on our website, whether it’s via text, phone, or e-mail.
  • After that, our team will provide terms and conditions, such as the operating hours of this service and garbage transported.
  • If you agree to these terms and conditions, our team will confirm your order starting from the time of the waste transport, the size of the container used, and how much the service costs.
  • You pay the price set by our team.
  • Our team will come according to the order you have made and transport your trash.
  • Our team will also do sorting and waste management according to the type.

Why Should I Do the Management Waste?

Ever heard the saying “Cleanliness is part of faith”? If your environment is clean, you will also be good. Maintaining cleanliness can start from managing waste. The garbage we must produce every day, even every hour. If not managed properly, it will certainly accumulate and make you very uncomfortable.

Garbage must be well managed for the common good in the future. But given the busyness of each person is different. Sometimes they don’t have time to do that. That’s why we’re here to help you manage your trash to stay comfortable.

By using our services, you can order our services periodically, making it easier for you. It will be even more cost-effective if you book along with other benefits. Immediately place an order through our contact to get the best offer that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Answer: Of course! As we mentioned earlier, the garbage will continue to be produced every day. Even one person can reach 0.8 Kg per day. Imagine if there are five family members in your house; your house can have 4 Kg per day. If not managed or even left for days will undoubtedly accumulate and become a source of disease for your family.

Answer: Of course you can. Just consult our team, what kind of dangerous garbage and how much. Then, we will provide the best service to overcome the trash.

Answer: Eufouria is a Melbourne-based service company. We, therefore, only serve the transport of waste within Melbourne’s city environment. For the distance between Eufouria head office and your property, consult our team to find out the booking cost.

Answer: If you don’t have a trash bag, we’ll provide it and manage your trash into the trash bag. Don’t worry about fees. Before making a booking, our team has reconfirmed your order and adapted it to your needs. So the price paid to us, including trash bag.

Answer: If you wish to change your booking, including changes to your junk transport schedule or changes to your property address. Simply contact our contact at least 24 hours before the scheduled timetable to avoid misunderstandings.

Answer: Sure, you can! We will serve our customers every day, including holidays. Contact the us to schedule your order.

Answer: We provide automatic and manual collection services. If you order an automated collection service, we will continue to carry out garbage transportation without you in any place. If you would like to know more about the automated garbage collection process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Answer: We have containers for the transport of garbage of various sizes. So we can transport garbage of multiple sizes, even large ones. So you don’t have to worry if you want to throw away large trash.

Answer: We will give you a special price if you are our subscription. Contact us immediately to get the best offer for the services we provide.

Answer: This is why we provide waste management services. With this service, we will make it easy for you to manage your waste according to its type.


$150 / Per Pick Up