Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning & Home Maintenance

Window Cleaning

One of the best service Eufouria provides is the window cleaning service. We will help you remove dust and dirt from the windows, both on the inside and outside. This service is beneficial for those who do not have free time or equipment capable of cleaning glass.

Shiny Glass House

Eufouria will make your home glass shiny again as it was before. Our team is also trained to clean the glass of school buildings, offices, apartments, hotels, sick rumas, or other facilities for a larger scale with the affordable price for one job per building. However, if you want a more cost-effective plan, you can contact our marketing team.

Trained Workforce

Our workforce is all professional and experienced in handling a wide range of clients. They are also supported by sophisticated equipment and cleaning materials that effectively clean dirt. That way, you don’t have to worry about the results. Instead, you will be satisfied and surprised by how clear the glass of your house or building is.

Glass Surface Handling

In addition to cleaning dust and dirt, we can also improve the glass surface. If there are scratches, we will make sure you would not see the damage anymore. With advanced methods, the whole work will be completed perfectly and in the most effective time possible. So, you don’t have to worry about getting distracted for long.

Detailed Survey and Accuracy At Work

Before the work starts, our team will come first to conduct a survey. Then, the team will estimate the area of glass and how many other items to work on. That way, you’ll get an estimated completion time. We do not want to hinder your activities so that the working time will be ensured fit and not stalling (over time).

How is the Glass Cleaning Process Done?

First of all, our team will visit your location. Then, as mentioned earlier, we will consider the cleaning equipment and chemicals to be used while confirming the work’s estimated length of time. After that,  you can make a booking for the working time to our team. Later our team will reconfirm the working time based on the readiness of the team and equipment.

We Care About The Safety of Your Furniture

To keep your belongings from being damaged, the staff will cover the floors and furniture around with mats to protect against splashes of cleaning materials that hit the surface. After that, the officer will remove dirt or stains easily by wiping them, such as cobwebs or dust. This initial cleaning is done not only on the glass but also on the sills or window frames.

Customized Workmanship With Materials

For a relatively high glass, the officer will use the stairs. When at a certain height, we will reach it with special equipment. The team has been equipped with advanced technology to complete the work as you requested.

We will let it dry after cleaning for certain types of glass or glass located in a particular position. It aims to avoid scratches on the surface of the glass. So you don’t have to worry about wet glass inviting dust to stick. All cleaning materials that we use are guaranteed to keep the glass clean and even clear it up more than you can imagine.

The Importance of Maintaining Glass Hygiene

The glass reflects the performance of the buildings you’re in. For example, if it is a house, one can assess how clean and healthy the place is. However, if the building is an office building, school, hotel, hospital, or other professional activity, the public can estimate how the productivity performance of the people in it.

Glass treatment isn’t that difficult. You can do simple ways to remove dust and dirt. This you can do every day or a few days. However, special care is needed to keep the glass in top shape. This is where you need professionals to work on it. Because this periodic maintenance needs to use other unique tools and materials than usual, it would be a pity if you buy such tools and materials for routine maintenance. Therefore, to save more, you can use our services to clean the glass.

You can use our services for a one-time visit or subscription for a certain period. But, our advice is that you will be more efficient if you order services in packages. Communicate your condition and needs to our team. You will get a special price quote if you agree to a package type of service method.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

There is no standard time reference for glass maintenance. It also depends on which part of the glass you will clean. Usually, people do the glass treatment part once a month. Meanwhile, the outer glass can be biweekly because it is more often exposed to dust.

It’s so easy! All you have to do is contact our team by phone or send you an email message. Of course, you can also leave a message on this website.

We provide glass cleaning services for inner or outer windows, window edges, the middle of the window, single and double panels, and glass doors on the terrace.

Of course, you can! We are pleased to meet your needs. We have a wide range of services, such as garbage management, cleaning ceramics, and pipes and electrical networks. You can order multiple services at a time. Precisely that way will be more efficient and save you time. A number of jobs can be completed simultaneously.

We will offer you the best price. Of course, there will be special offers if you use the service in the package system or a certain amount.

Yes, you can have our team come on weekends or other holidays. You can also customize your watch to your liking. First, determine the working time, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or afternoon.

Before you claim money compensation, please get in touch with our team. Let us know what you feel and show us evidence of our work that feels inappropriate. We’re pleased if you do that. Our customer service team will provide the best solution for the conditions you face.

If you have any sudden requirements, you can communicate them to us at least 24 hours before the agreed time. We are open to re-appointment at your preferred time.


$150 / Per Property