Eufouria Services plan on COVID-19

Eufouria answers all the property owner or manager; home builders and business owners questions for their cleaning and maintenance needs.

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As we still in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we need to assure the safety of our customers and our team are top priority. By following all the protocol and guidelines for social distancing, sanitation, and precaution we believe we can still continue to provide the community with heavenly satisfaction services every day.

Stage 4 Lockdown

We will be accepting booking and only essential services will run in this restriction until appointed date is published by state government. Non-essential services will be available after then.

Essential service that has been happening during Stage 4 lockdown will continue as normal with Covid 19 protocol and procedure until the appointed time made by state government. This matter includes all services connected to the NDIS. The schedule of the service will remain the same. We are doing our best to provide you with the team member that you familiar with.

Eufouria’s services that are available during Stage 4 Lockdown:

End Of Lease Cleaning

Our End Of Lease Cleaning Service out services will be provided as normal with all the protocol and procedure to be maintained during the service.

Commercial cleaning 

Commercial Cleaning service will continue as usual. As commercial cleaning services will be required to maintain health and safety of our community on top of all the disease all the time.

House Cleaning Service

Eufouria will maintain its House Cleaning Service to all the customer that receiving welfare support or has special needs. The person that are unable to practice and maintain cleanliness their property on their own are permitted to have house cleaning service in their home. Our House Cleaning Service would be considered as essential in this matter.