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This service we provide beautifies your bathroom explicitly. We will help you do a nat reset so that no more rust and mold damage the appearance of your bathroom. Not only in the toilet but this service can also be done in wet areas of your home. So as well as being no less attractive, there are many advantages that you can get through this service.

Why Should I Do Regrouting?

Many still don’t realize that Regrouting is essential to do. Here are some reasons you should re-grouting your bathroom, including:

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Any activity you have in the bathroom will leave stains on the bathroom tiles. So it would be best if we cleaned the colors so as not to become dirt that accumulates. Dirt that accumulates will make the tiles dull. Therefore, re-grouting is the same as keeping your bathroom clean.

Preventing the Appearance of Disease

A damp bathroom is an excellent place for fungi, bacteria, and germs to multiply. Plus, the presence of cavities in your nat that are damaged will facilitate their entrance to your bathroom. Indeed this is harmful to your health and your family. Therefore, Re-grouting needs to be done to block these parasites’ entrance to maintain your health as a family.

Maintaining Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Your goal of installing tiles on the floor and your bathroom walls is sure to embellish the look. But if your bathroom tiles are dull, even to the point of being damaged by old grout. This will reduce the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Re-grouting needs to be done to maintain the beauty of your bathroom.

Advantages of Re-Grouting Services in Eufouria

Step 1: No Need to Use 1001 Ways To Remove Rust and Mold

You must have used many other cleaning methods and products to remove rust and mold in your bathroom. It must have been exhausting and a waste of money because the rust and mold would keep coming back. We certainly understand how annoying it is. However, simply by using our regrouting service, rust and mildew are reluctant to return again.

Step 2: See You Dull Tiles!

By using our service, you no longer need to feel fed up with the look of your much duller tiles than when first installed. Instead, we’ll install a new nat on top of your tile to make it look bright again as new.

Step 3: Guaranteed To Use Waterproof Nat

The floor and walls of the bathroom with old or damaged grout will reduce their waterproof ability. This is the problem of the existence of former temps in the area around the toilet. Therefore, we will use grout with waterproof material with re-grouting service to restore your waterproofing shower and wet room as before.

Step 4: Handled by Trained and Professional Workers

We will undoubtedly use trained and professional workers to overcome the old, dull, and damaged net. That way, the results of our service will not be messy and disappointing. Our workers will very thoroughly replace the grout without harming your tiles. So you don’t have to worry about it!

Step 5: How We Do the Re-Grouting?

There are several steps we need to do to perform this service in your bathroom.

Step 6: Consultation and Survey

When you contact our marketing, you can consult first about our Regrouting service. After that, you and our team can determine the proper schedule to survey your property. At the time of the survey, we will adjust to the needs in your bathroom, such as:

  • What color does not match your tiles?
  • How much material is needed for your bathroom?
  • What are the right tools and grout materials to use?
  • How long does it take to work?
  • How much accumulated cost is required for the full service?
  • When is the work schedule so as not to interfere with your activities?

Step 7: Implementation of Re-Grouting

After the customer agrees to the cost and has determined the schedule of service implementation from us, we will come back to your property for re-grouting according to the results of the previous survey. The stages of re-grouting implementation are:

  • Remove damaged grout with special tools so as not to damage your tiles
  • Cleaning the damaged remains of the grout
  • Make new grout with materials to suit your bathroom needs
  • Install new nats that have been formulated between your tiles
  • Clean up the rest of the grout mounting on your tiles until there is no residue left
  • Installing nat sealing to stay durable for the next few years

Step 8: Reviews

After the regrouting, our workers will ask for a review from you. This is undoubtedly done to measure your level of satisfaction with our services and consider the progress of our services in the future.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

We hired this company to clean our roof tiles on our house before we sell it. The job’s done perfectly. Saves me thousands of dollars. Highly recommended.

Adam Zhang


Muhti was passionate about the job he was doing and explained everything and went to the extras. Carpet looked fantastic as did my rug. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tifanny Wilkinson


They know what they’re doing. Will book them again in the future.

Bazil Khan


On time service. Great customer service. Amazing result

Ethan Delaney


We try to sell our mom’s house and called this company to clean up the rood because we cannot do it our self. Oh yes, it is worth it!

Rebecca Maree


I had massive saving on our renting house. Hired this company for carpet repairing. I can’t believe on the result. Well done!

Roberta Watson


We just did a big renovation on our house and needed a cleaning after it. The team come in the morning, we left the house in day time and before night everything’s ready. I am in real estate business, I cannot believe it is possible to do that.

Nykiesha Smith


After they cleaned our bathroom tiles professionally and caulk the skirting wall around the house we managed to sell the house easily! I’ll recommend this company to all my families and friends about this company if they need one.

Frank Zamanis


I am very happy with the whole process this company provides from start to finish. They even double check on us after a few days of their service. What a customer service!

Jacky Neil


Stains really came off and our carpet looks fresh. We could walk on it within hours. Very satisfied.Technician was professional and knowledgeable and offered tips for keeping carpets looking good.

Lauren Macpherson


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should I re-grout?

Just relaxing re-grouting is not something to do every day or month. Due to every re-grouting implementation, the rejuvenated nat will surely last for several years. So you can re-grouting again when you realize the grout on your tiles is starting to discolor, moldy, or begin to erode.

2. What if I want a different nat color from my tiles?

We will not impose a choice of one color nat. If you want to install grout with different colors of tiles, you communicate with us. Then we will be ready to provide according to your wishes.

3. Can re-grouting only be done on bathroom tiles?

We can also perform re-grouting services in other rooms according to your wishes. Be it on tiles in your kitchen or other wet areas. We used to serve in the bathroom because the most humid part of the house is usually the bathroom, so the grout on the bathroom tiles subscription to this service.

4. Is re-grouting same with cleaning and sealing the grout?

These two things are different from the process of working. Re-grouting must remove the old grout first and then be installed by the new grout. While cleaning and sealing, the grout only cleans the grout that has long ago been applied to seal, aiming to avoid any barrier between grout and sealing. The striking difference is that re-grouting may need cleaning and sealing the grout to stay durable for many years, while cleaning and sealing the grout does not pass the re-grouting stage.

5. Can Eufouria do re-grouting on the tile grout on the wall as well?

Of course, you can! Immediately consult with our marketing team to determine what kind of re-grouting we can do and get attractive offers from Eufouria.


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