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caulking result like a professional tradesman

Caulking activity is mesmerizing yet could be a disastrous activity. Especially to the one who does not know the principal of this task.

This article will show you how to caulk around a bathroom sink, including how to remove old silicone, how to apply prepare the area and how to use a caulk gun. These basic caulking tips here can be used for any project using caulk.

Before we get into the preparation there are some equipment and materials we need to get before we start our caulking project. Make sure we get all the things we need. Stop in the middle of the project to go to the store to buy things we need is the least thing we want to do. Here are some equipment or tools:

  • Utility knives
  • Scrappers
  • Masking tapes
  • Caulking guns
  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towel or toilet roll
  • Caulking finisher (optional)

Prepare The Caulking Surface

To get a good caulking job always start with cleaning up the surface. Removing an existing silicone sometimes taking so much time. Using the right tools will help you to get the job quicker. Scrapper will help you a lot with this step.

Cut the existing silicone end out with a utility knife, razor blade, or scraper Scrap all the old caulk until nothing left. The cleaner you get, the better the result will be. Remove all dirt, residue, moulds, dust, grease and debris. Apply an alcohol spray or disinfectant onto to wipe, and run it to the joint surface that need to get re-silicone. Wipe it thoroughly with dry wipes until it dry. Apply the foam tape if the gap you are caulking is bigger than 7 mm. This foam tape is to hold the silicone in place so you don’t need to fill up the whole gap that just waste so much silicone.

Masking Tape The Desired Area

Applying the masking tape will help produce an attractive and neat finish. Also, to cover the area where the silicone does not need to be applied. Apply the masking tape on the left and right side of silicone. Give it a good gap. 3-7 mm is good gap for the indoor area. Ensure that masking tape shape follows the area or gap you need to put silicone on.

Cutting The Caulking Gun Nozzle

Caulk or silicone is available in hand-held squeezable tubes or rigid plastic cylinders that require a caulk gun to push the material out. Most of the time you will encounter the rigid plastic cylinders in the market and need caulking gun to the job.

Some hand-held squeeze tubes may have a seal under the nozzle cap that need to be removed before use it. Reading the instructions on the tube will help you better to understand the job. As not every company has the same design like others. Carefully cut the nozzle using scissors or a utility knife. When using a utility knife always push towards outside you to prevent hurt yourself.

If you see closely there is line or numbers to indicates the size of the bead. The line of caulk normally called bead. How big and how wide the bead is determined by where the nozzle is cut. The narrower you cut the tip of the nozzle the narrower the bead is going to be. To determines how wide you need to apply the bid, simply just measure the gap you need to caulk with the nozzle you need to cut. So, you can get the perfect bead line afterwards.

There is no blue print how to cut nozzle. But, most of the professionals cut in 45 degree angle. As they normally apply or position their caulking gun on that angle as well. Some occasion it is better to cut in straight angle. Cutting in 45 degree angle will help get a smooth bead or line while your dragging up the gun through the targeted surface.

Apply The Silicone

Applying the caulk or silicone is best using the caulking gun.

  • Press the release at the back of the gun and adjust the pushing rod so the plunger is fully extended. Insert the silicone tube into the gun frame and make sure it is locked in place and secure.
  • Double check to make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • Insert the cartridge into the gun frame and make sure it’s snug and secure.
  • Press the release at the back of the caulk gun and adjust the rod so the plunger is fully extended.
  • Position the nozzle at a 45 degree angle where you need to apply the bead.
  • Slowly and firmly press the trigger so the caulk come out from the tube. Find the right pressure to force the silicone out.
  • After you find the right pressure then apply steady pressure then run your gun in steady pace along to the surface need to be done.

Smooth The Caulking Bead

Fill the spray bottle with water and dishwashing liquid with ration 1:3 for dishwashing liquid to water. Mix them thoroughly so you have a good mixture. Spray the liquid around the bead. Apply the spray just wet enough to run the caulking finisher in smooth pace. Apart from that this liquid helps to split the excess silicone and the tools so easier to clean up afterwards.

After all the bead is wet enough, then run the caulking smoother. You can choose the size and the shape of the tools. The size and the shape of the tools will determine the size and the shape of the bead as well. Lightly drag your caulking finisher tool, and clean the tools once the silicone is accumulated to much in the tool by using toilet roll or paper towel. Do not overuse the toilet roll as it harder to clean up afterwards. Two or three times is the maximum for one piece of paper towel and after that throw it away to the bin.

Basically, you can simply use your finger tip. Spray your fingertip with soapy liquid, water and drag it with light pressure along the length of the bead.

The idea is to smooth the bead and to remove the excess silicone whichever method you choose.

Lastly remove the masking tape around the caulking area. Remove the masking tape before the caulk start to set. To remove the masking tape you need to remove it towards inside the silicone away from the surface. This idea is to keep the caulk inside the targeted area. The surface of the caulk will try to set within 15-30 mins but it would take 24 hours to fully cures.

Hiring The Professional

Do it yourself project is clearly not for everyone. Some people really enjoy do their own project, some people don’t. Some are really handy and good at it, some are not into at all. Hiring a professional will guarantee the job done properly. Because of that Eufouria Heavenly Property Maintenance comes to cover all the residential and commercial cleaning and property maintenance needs around Melbourne and greater suburb. Simply call us to get free quote and inspection!