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high pressure washing around the house

High pressure washing property for some people are so satisfying. Seeing the dirt neatly come off after being in the place for years are secretly satisfying. Because of that many people trying to do high pressure job by themselves.

Even though pressure-washing may seem no different than cleaning with water and a regular hose, but, with high pressure, some key safety concerns need to be kept in place. As the water is running at such high pressure, it does not only pose a straight contact harm but it also will send some dislodged materials at high speed that can raise an eye-safety issue.

In this situation we need to think safety. It is not only safety glasses but also water-resistant clothing and closed-toe shoes (water resistant boots are preferred), ear protection is needed also considering high pressure washer machine make noise on not healthy level. Never point the spray nozzle or gun toward someone to prevent an accidental discharge! Call 000 if an accident happen!

High pressure washing a deck, driveway, sidewalks are some of main functions people rent the pressure washer or hire professional to do it. But, can we find other thing around the house that pressures washer can do most of it? The idea is the material of the part we want to clean is not brittle or delicate. So, it won’t break without us on the process of doing it. Here are some of the examples we can apply high pressure on: wheelie bin, fences, furniture, heavy stains area, vehicles, etc.

  • pressure washer machine
  • bucket
  • cleaning solution
  • hose
  • PPE: gloves, ear protection, safety glasses
  • safety glasses
  • Delivering a professional commercial cleaning service should not interrupt or disturb the workflow during the working hours. Otherwise, professionalism and service quality cannot be measured and mentioned. A professional commercial cleaning service should be working behind the scene and under consciousness of employees around whether on office hours or not. But the impact is huge on efficiency and productivity.

    Clean Offices Increase Efficiency

    Efficiency increases Productivity Most of the company do not take any physical guest come to their office. Big shout out to our technology. But it does not mean that our workplace does not need any professional cleaner to deliver their service regularly. The advantages for office cleaning are to improve the quality of the working atmosphere and to provide the visitors in a fresh environment (if the office take visitors).

    Most pressure washers have a reservoir and special nozzle for spraying soap or cleaning solutions depending on what we’re cleaning. There’s most likely a special cleaning solution that can make the job a bit easier and a lot faster. Degreasers are great for driveways and where the oil spilled, or wherever a vehicle can run on to. A multipurpose cleaning solution will help remove dirt from patio or siding. Scrub the suds into the surface and leave them on a few minutes before rinsing for an extra boost.

    Slowly Start With the Nozzles

    Most pressure washers will come with types of different tip. Usually from 0 to 40 degrees range (the angle of the spray stream). The lower the degree, the more powerful and narrow the stream is. Eufouria recommend you to start with the highest degree. If it is not cleaning the surface and takes too much time and relatively don’t give a significant progress then move to a lower degree. Take it easy! We don’t want to gouge or damage the surface we’re trying to clean.

    Always Double-Check Nozzle Size

    Most pressure washers come with a type set of nozzles. Some of them need to buy get aftermarket for it. Different manufacturers mark their tips differently, there is no color code on this matter really, so don’t rely on the color alone. Always check the stamping directly on the tip of the nozzle.

    Outdoor Furniture

    Most composite wood, mesh, plastic and wood patio, hard rubber, metal made furniture can be pressure-washed. Place them on a level surface away from any windows (we don’t want to dirt the window). Spot cleaning method on pressure washing the tough stained area with a soap or chemical solution. Then brush if off like we should. Using a 40-degree tip for the first spray. Always clean the furniture working top to bottom (this is one of the water saving tips as well). Start in an inconspicuous (cannot see) spot in case the water pressure starts to remove the paint for the painted surfaces which are not painted by the manufacturer.

    Outdoor Cushions

    Yes, heavy-duty outdoor fabrics can be pressure-washed too. More care and attention need to be provided for these types of materials. First, we need to set the outcoming pressure on the machine. Set them to around 200 psi, work the pressure up if it does not make any impact. After that choose the right tip (nozzle) to get the best result. Once it ready then simply set or lay them on a stable surface and wash side to side. Maintain a distance of at least 50 cm (20 inches) for the best result. Lay them in the sun to dry or set them in the dryer or blower.

    Concrete Pressure Washing

    Pretreat the surface with a degreaser is so recommended for heavy stains area — like oil on a driveway. Spray the entire area with detergent using the soap bottle that connected on the pressure washer. Make sure to rinse before it dries especially on hot weather. A 15- to 25-degree angle tip will provide enough pressure to rinse away dirt and stains without damaging the surface. Spray the entire surface by working left to right or in a consistent manner. Keeping the tip about 30 cm (12 inches) away from the surface. Spray in a consistent sweeping manner to prevent streaks

    Wood Pressure Washing

    Star using a 15- to 25-degree tip for wood surfaces such as a fence, patio, decks. Start at the top and move vertically and consistently to prevent streaks. Overlap each pass for a consistent cleaning and keep a distance of 30 – 40 cm. Use a detergent before pressure-washing if the fence is heavily soiled and dirt.

    Bikes and Outdoor Toys

    Start with a low-setting tip such as 40 degrees for push bikes and outdoor toys. Especially, pressure washing around the tires and the seat. Applying some cleaning solution would help a lot to eliminates dirt and grease. Scrub the targeted area with the scrubber or sponge. Then rinse it off with pressure washer. If we still don’t get the result that we are after, simply work our way up to a lower-degree tip. So, the water and pressure can penetrate stronger.

    Wheelie Bin Pressure Washing

    If your wheelie bins are dirty on the outside and produces unwanted smell from the inside, give them an all-over washing. Pouring detergent or cleaning solution and water inside, then let them sit for a while 15-20 mins to help remove the unwanted smell and disinfect the rubbish bin. Then start with a high degree gauge nozzle (40-gauge) nozzle to avoid gouging the surface. Slowly apply the pressure, and carefully control the splash back as the shape of the bin will gives us a big amount of splash back and wet us down.

    Outdoor Equipment

    Pressure washing Patio, slides and playsets can also be a nice object to start high pressure washing project. Always start with an opening degree nozzle because these surfaces may gouge easily. Make sure to use something non-toxic and non harmful material on these surfaces as kid might be around when the project is running.

    Pressure Washing Is Dangerous, Play It Safe

    Although pressure-washing may seem no different than cleaning with a regular water hose, some key safety concerns need to be kept in place. Because the water running is at such high and dangerous pressure, it not only poses a direct contact harm but it also will send dislodged materials at high speed that can cause an eye-safety issue. For those who does not have time to start their D.I.Y pressure washing project and not into the hassle here comes Eufouria that provides the service for them. Hiring a professional to do the job most of the time will end up cheaper and quicker.